Student Handbook

General Student Expectations

Utilization of Physical Facilities

Shops, laboratories, and equipment shall be used only for carrying out the instructional program of the school.

Students are responsible for the proper use and care of tools and equipment.

Organizations seeking to utilize designated Tennessee College of Applied Technology facilities must complete the Facilities Usage Application. This application must be submitted to the President or designee at least five (5) business days prior to the event. The President or designee will review the request and approve or deny it in writing, which may take the form of an email message. Denial of a Facilities Usage Request will include a statement of the basis for the denial. Please see the TBR policy1:03:02:50 on Facilities use.

Classroom and Shop Maintenance

Good housekeeping practices should always be followed. Trash must be picked up on site; tools, equipment, etc. should be kept in appropriate places-not on benches, machines, and floors when not in use. As an integral part of instruction, each student is expected to participate in housekeeping and cleanup activities at the conclusion of each day to maintain efficient, high-level training programs. Instructors and students are responsible for cleanliness and orderliness of classroom work areas at all times. Each program will establish a daily routine for cleaning and students are expected to carry out duties as assigned.

Responsibility for Tools, Equipment, and Property

Students are responsible for the proper use and care of tools, equipment, and other school property. Students responsible for loss of, or damage to, school property may be required to pay costs associated with that loss or damage. Students must report damaged equipment or facilities to the instructor as soon as detected.

Course Rules and Policies

Each training program has specific rules and class policies regarding conduct, dress, safety, break and lunch schedules, and course requirements. The instructor has charge of all course activities and will inform students of training expectations, including the purchase of books, supplies, tools, and uniforms.

Communication Devices

Telephones in the College offices are for College business only. Except for emergency situations, students will not be called from class to receive incoming calls. The College is not staffed to handle calls or take messages from family, friends, etc. Students must advise friends and family of this procedure. Students are not permitted to use office or classroom phones except for emergencies. Cell phone and other electronic devices should be silenced during training hours.

Dress Policy

The Tennessee College of Applied Technology is a technical training institution. Most employers will not employ persons with inappropriate appearance. Presenting a work-like and neatly dressed appearance makes the task of finding and securing employment much easier. The College's aim is to make the educational experience as much like a well-managed industrial establishment, business, or healthcare facility as possible.

Appropriate attire must be worn that is representative of what the industry requires in the workplace. Safety glasses are required in the shop areas, and loose clothing is prohibited when operating machinery. Appropriate dress is strongly encouraged and will be defined by your instructor. An important training goal for each student at the Tennessee College of Applied Technology is to develop a sense of personal pride in his or her appearance and chosen occupation. Students may be required to purchase certain prescribed clothing such as shop suits, steel-toe boots, pants, shirts, uniforms, etc., for their training area. Students must wear shoes and clothes suitable for the area enrolled and keep them neat. Provocative or offensive clothing is prohibited on campus.

The evaluation of student worker characteristics will include student appearance as it relates to occupational/job requirements. Work and dress habits are an important part of any skilled craft person, technician, or office worker.

Student IDs

Students must always wear their Tennessee College of Applied Technology student photo identification badges while on campus. The badges cannot be issued without a student submitting a valid unexpired government-issued ID to verify identity. The badges must be displayed so that they are readily visible. To ensure the security of student data, a student ID badge or other valid unexpired government-issued ID must be presented to college staff in order to discuss student account/financial aid information or receive financial aid residual checks. If a student loses his or her student ID badge, the item must be reported as lost or stolen to the Business Office during normal operating hours. A replacement fee must be paid and a receipt must be presented to school personnel before a new ID badge will be made. Upon termination from the Tennessee College of Applied Technology, students must return their ID badges to the instructor/Student Services office.