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Urgent message from President Wightman
January 4th returning plan

Hello all,
I hope you all have had a great holiday break so far even though I’m sure things have been different for most of you. As we move into the New Year it was my hope that active Covid numbers would have went down or started on that trend. In fact the opposite is true, especially in our immediate area. Due to this I feel that we need to do our part in trying to contain the spread of the virus. Therefore as we return to the campus on January 4th we are going to implement a rotating/hybrid model until we see a decline of or at least a stabilization of positive counts. Most of you have been through this and understand how it works.
 There will be one exception. New students will be on the campus every day of the school week. We have determined from our previous hybrid training and student feedback that new students need to be on the campus awhile to be successful, before moving into a hybrid rotation. Returning students, your instructors will be in contact with you before January 4th with guidance as to your rotation schedules. Dual Enrolled students will follow whatever your school system is implementing. We will be open for you with no restrictions other than normal PPE.
 By doing this we will drop the campus numbers considerably and hopefully reduce the risk of spreading the virus. I have heard from many of you that you do not like the hybrid models and prefer to be on campus. I assure you that your success in your given program is paramount to myself, your instructors and the staff. But we also care about your safety and these are definitely different times.
To wrap up, all new students will report as scheduled. Returning students will be contacted by your instructors for further information. Dual Enrolled students, follow your school systems decisions. Everyone will wear mask and maintain distancing. We will continue with deep cleaning and keeping the break room closed except for vending. Food trucks will still be allowed on campus. Any visitors, outside testers or inquiries will be required to wear mask and maintain social distancing.
It is my hope that Covid 19 will soon become a memory. Until then I urge you to be conscious of our current situation and use appropriate measures to protect yourselves and others. We will get through this and you will still learn valuable skills while at the TCAT Crossville.
Thank you,
Cliff Wightman
President TCAT Crossville