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Good evening,

As the Corona virus continues to become more prevalent in our area, I feel that it is within the best interest of the students, staff, faculty and community to remain in a closed campus position the whole month of April. This puts us at a potential date for returning to the campus on May 4th. Online and distance learning classes are still ongoing. Regarding the online classes, I understand that this type of learning may not be familiar to all students. It can create a challenge and students have expressed they prefer the hands on shop environment.  We would much rather have students in the shops also. These are different times and require us all to adapt. I am confident TCAT Crossville has provided students with everything needed to learn in this environment. Please feel free to contact your instructor or myself with any issue you may have.


Be sure to check the TCAT Crossville website and social media pages. This truly is a difficult time, but it will pass. I encourage you to maintain social distance, stay home if you are sick, and be aware of hygiene. Remember your success is important to us and we look forward to having you back on campus.  


Take care,


Cliff Wightman


TCAT Crossville