Student Handbook

Health and Accident Policy

All students enrolling in Tennessee College of Applied Technology are encouraged to complete a Medical Record form. This information will be treated as a confidential educational record and will only be utilized if a student requires immediate assistance due to an illness or injury on the College campus or training work site. Adherence to sound safety practices should prevent accidents. However, in the event of an injury or illness, the following procedures will be observed:

  • Tennessee College of Applied Technology staff may attempt to administer first aid.
  • Instructors/staff members will inform campus administration of the injury or illness.
  • If needed, Emergency services will be contacted, and the student may be transported to a medical facility as determined by responding emergency medical personnel. The Tennessee College of Applied Technology will notify designated family members or contact persons as provided on the student's Medical Record form if a student is transported to a medical facility or requires assistance to leave campus.
  • Tennessee College of Applied Technology personnel will complete an incident report as soon as possible after the event.

It is important that the medical information provided by students file be complete and that medical and contact information is up to date. Students with special health conditions should include that information when completing the medical information form and may inform the faculty about those special conditions if they believe it to be necessary.