Practical Nursing


Completion 69% Placement 96% Licensure 100%

The student practical nurse studies basic nursing skills and such related subjects as body  structure and function in wellness and illness, nutrition, pharmacology, obstetrics, and  psychology.  The clinical experience provides supervised nursing care of medical, surgical,  obstetric, and pediatric patients. Both classroom work and clinical experiences are such that upon completion of the course,  the graduate is eligible for written examination by the State Board of Nursing.  Licensed  practical nurses, who have passed their examination, usually work under the supervision of  the registered nurse, physician, or dentist.

Students who withdraw before completing the entire Practical Nursing diploma are eligible to receive a Nursing Assistant certificate if all first trimester work is completed and passed. A Nursing Assistant graduate then must pass the state licensure test.

Classes meet Monday - Friday from 7:30am - 3:30 pm. Clinical schedules do require longer days and students are off on Friday. Schedules will be discussed during the general information session and are subject to change.






Information Detail
Time Commitment Full Time
Typical Program Length 12 Months
Clock Hours 1,296
Class Type Day
Credentials Certificate, Diploma
Total Tuition/Fees $4,308.00
Textbook/Supplies Cost $4,130.00

Program Credentials

Option NameHoursCredentials
Nurse Aid432Certificate
Practical Nurse1296Diploma

The application procedure for this program is very strict.  It begins with registering to take the HESI entrance test.  Failure to pass the test or complete any application step on the specified schedule may result in disqualification.  Admission is open to all adults who complete the following:

Submit a completed application packet which includes:

Application for Enrollment

Copy of high school or GED transcript (special education diploma does not qualify)

Proof of Immunization for Mumps Measels and Rubella and Varicella

Copy of current passing HESI scores

The applicant’s name will appear on the admission list on a first come, first served basis.  Names will appear on the admission list  AFTER the completed application packet is submitted. Once the completed application packet is submitted, an appointment is made for the applicant to attend a general information session.  During this session, applicants will complete orientation (both program and admissions).

A mandatory General Information Session will be held for all applicants wishing to start a practical nursing class. This information session includes discussions led by the nursing coordinator and financial aid coordinator.  Applicants will receive information regarding additional documentation required before starting school; costs sheets for books, equipment and supplies; and information regarding financial aid.  This is a great time to ask questions.  Admission lists will appear on the website after final interviews are complete.

For more information regarding the practical nursing program, please contact 931-484-7502 ext. 125.

Admission to the Practical Nursing and Surgical Technology programs is open to all adults who meet the following criteria for enrollment:

1. Pass an entrance test.
2. Submit application packet during designated time. The application packets include Application (submit on-line) for Enrollment, high school (special education will not qualify) or high school equivalency transcript and immunization record with proof of 2 Mumps Measels and Rubella (if born after 1957) and 2 varicella (if born after 1980) or exemptions. Also, nursing applicants must furnish three letters of recommendation, current physical, and additional immunizations which include hepatitis B series, current TB skin test and tetanus.
3. Participate in a General Information Session.
4. Furnish additional documents to include background check, proof of immunization, flu vaccine (clinical sight requirement), and physical examination. Surgical Tech and Practical Nursing students must pass a physical exam prior to the first day of class.
5. Interview with instructors upon request.

Warning!  Prior convictions or probations may prevent clinical placement (a requirement of completion of the program) and gainful employment. 

Campus Locations

Main Campus
910 Miller Avenue
Crossville, TN 38555

Job Duties

Care for ill, injured, or convalescing patients or persons with disabilities in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, private homes, group homes, and similar institutions. May work under the supervision of a registered nurse. Licensing required.

Job Outlook

Bright Outlook: Yes

Currently employed in the area: 25,660

Current job openings per year: 2,460


First Trimester: 
LPN 0001 Worker Characteristic
LPN 1010 Basic Nursing
LPN 1020 Fundamentals
LPN 1030 Administer of Meds & Basic IV
LPN 1040 A & Patients
LPN 1050 Clinical I
Nurse Aid - Certificate 432 Hours
Second Trimester: 
LPN 0002 Worker Characteristic
LPN 2010 Pharmacology I
LPN 2020 Mental Health
LPN 2030 Medical & Surgical Nursing I
LPN 2040 Maternity Health
LPN 2050 Clinical II
Third Trimester: 
LPN 0003 Worker Characteristic
LPN 3010 Clinical III
LPN 3020 Adv Prof Vocational Relations
LPN 3030 Pediatric Nursing
LPN 3040 Pharmacology II
LPN 3050 Medical & Surgical Nursing II
Practical Nursing - Diploma 1296


Megan Inman
Elaine Potter
Elaine Potter
PN Instructor Dana Ragle
Dana Ragle

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