Criminal Justice: Correctional Officer


The Criminal Justice curriculum contains a broad range of courses design to equip jailers and guards with the knowledge and understanding of inmate processing, maintaining order in the jail and invoking disciplinary measures when necessary. In addition, a jailer may also perform cell searches for drugs and other contraband, inspect the facility for cleanliness and stand guard during exercise periods. This training program, which may be completed over two trimesters, provides jailers and guards with knowledge of emergency procedures, mental health and first aid, defensive tactics and use of force, ethics and legal issues, investigations, and personal development, among other items. Also incorporated into this cirriculum are the classes required for an individual to meet Tennessee POST requirements.




Information Detail
Time Commitment Full Time, Part Time
Typical Program Length 8 Months
Clock Hours 864
Class Type Day
Credentials Certificate
Total Tuition/Fees $2,746.00
Textbook/Supplies Cost

Program Credentials

Option NameHoursCredentials
Correctional Officer Apprentice432Certificate
Master Correctional Officer864Certificate

Professional Accrediting Body:  The Tennessee Correctional Institute, under the authority of TCA 41-4-140, establishes minimum standards for adult local jails, lockups, workhouses and detention facilities in the state.  TCI is responsible for educating local correctional staff while providing and monitoring basic certification and annual in-service training for personnel within local adult correctional detention facilities.

Campus Locations

Main Campus
910 Miller Avenue
Crossville, TN 38555


First Trimester: 
CRJ 0001 - Worker Characteristics
CRJ 1004 - Technology Foundations
CRJ 1011 - Ethics and Legal Issues
CRJ 1021 - Def. Tactics & Use of Force
CRJ 1041 - Writing and Communication
CRJ 1051 - Mental Health and First Aid
CRJ 1061 - Emergency Procedures
CRJ 1070 - Tennessee Corrections Institute Basic
CRJ 1071 - Personal Development
CRJ 1072 - Patrol Procedures
Correctional Officer Apprentice - Certificate 432
Second Trimester: 
CRJ 0002 - Worker Characteristics
CRJ 2010 - Ethics and Legal Issues II
CRJ 2021 - Defensive Tactics and Use of Force II
CRJ 2040 - Writing and Communication II
CRJ 2051 - Mental Health and First Aid II
CRJ 2061 - Investigations
CRJ 2071 - Human Relations
CRJ 2072 - Career Training
CRJ 2073 - Criminal Justice System
Master Correctional Officer - Certificate 432


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