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TCAT Recipient of Scholarship Fund Donation

The Tennessee College of Applied Technology Crossville recently received a scholarship donation to support future nursing graduates. Mrs. Brenda Hinch, the wife of the late Don Hinch, provided a generous donation to the TCAT Crossville Practical Nursing program.

Mrs. Hinch was a registered nurse for many years. She is still very dedicated to helping others in the field and her donation to the program will support scholarships to help cover cost not supported by financial aid. This may include scrubs, books, testing fees, and other required instructional items.

The Practical Nursing program is honored by the donation Mrs. Hinch is making in the program. “We are very thankful for scholarships like The Brenda Hinch Scholarship. It is the perfect scholarship to fill any remaining needs that students may need," said Cliff Wightman, TCAT Crossville president.  The Brenda Hinch Nursing Scholarship will start being awarded in the spring of 2023.

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